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Mike Veny: Transforming Mental Health Stigma

Mike Veny joins the I Want To Know podcast in an effort to help break the negative stigma behind mental health. Mike is not just another motivational speaker or Mr. Know-It-All; he struggles with mental health every day of his life. As a child he was in and out of psychiatric hospitals, expelled from multiple schools, was on numerous medications and even attempted suicide multiple times. Now he is a mental health speaker that has given a TEDx talk and uses his inside knowledge to help others understand.

On the podcast, we talk about; Mike's struggle with mental health, anger issues and triggers, the dangers of self-medicating, different treatments he went through, what he does know to educate, mental health stigmas, his life as a musician and so much more.

You can listen to the podcast in the player below, by searching for I Want To Know only any podcast app or by clicking here, and you can find more about Mike Veny by going to Get in contact with Mike on Twitter @MikeVeny, and MikeVeny on Instagram.

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