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Filip Valica: The Product Startup

Filip Valica is a mechanical engineer turned product startup specialist after over 12 years in the engineering world. He has worked with companies of varying size, from mom-and-pop to some of the largest in the United States with a hands-on point of view. Now as the founder of The Product Startup, he is helping to provide aspiring product creators with a step-by-step blueprint of how to get their products to from idea to market.

Filip joins the show to talk about his past as well as what he's doing now. As a seven year old, he immigrated to the United States with his mother from Czechoslovakia. We talk about growing up in a strange country, challenges that face a child growing up as an immigrant, living the American Dream, turning his love of tinkering and DIY into a career and so much more. Special guest Shannon Gomes joins the show to talk about the product she is looking to bring to market and to ask Filip questions to help guide the way. Filip offer great advice to not only Shannon, but to anyone that is looking to bring a product to market or start their own business.

You can find The Product Startup at where you can get lots of help from Filip Valica. You will also find his podcast The Product Startup where he talks with tons of great guests and other entrepreneurs.

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