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Shenandoah Chefalo: Garbage Bag Suitcase

Shenandoah Chefalo joins the I Want To Know podcast to talk about her new book Garbage Bag Suitcase and discuss some of the major problems with the foster care system. In her new book she talks about her life growing up with extremely abusive parents, finding her way into the foster care system, how she made it out and became successful and so much more. It is an absolutely eye-opening read that will make you think long and hard about how you treat others and what needs to be done to make changes in society.

On the show we discuss reliving the trauma by writing this book, her problems with therapy, suicide and other aspects of her life. We also get in to the foster care system, what the main problems are, what she thinks can help fix foster care, boarding school, psychotropic drugs, helping to make a difference and so much more.

Click here to listen to the show and get Garbage Bag Suitcase here. You can find Shenandoah on twitter @ShenChefalo, at and of course

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