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Lianna Carrera: Comedian, Actor & Not a Singer

Lianna Carrera is a hilarious stand up comedian, actor, writer and just about everything else there is to do in Hollywood. But her beginnings were a little different than most; Lianna grew up as the gay kid of a Southern Baptist Minister and her mother and brothers are Deaf. With a background like that, how could she not be a comedian?

On the podcast we talk about a wide variety of things; growing up gay with a baptist minister and how he took that news of her coming out, having deaf family members, problems with other kids while growing up, where she got her start in performing, being a lesbian on the comedy scene and so much more. She is also a sign language interpreter and has translated for Hillary Clinton. On top of all that we also discuss the two shows that she's developing, "Boyish" and "Save the World."

You can find Lianna and her work at and follow her on all the social medias:, and @LiannaC on Twitter and Instagram.

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