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Debbie Viguié: Author, Demonologist and Exorcist

Debbie Viguié is a New York Times best selling author of more than four dozen novels, most of them dark fantasies, mysteries, and supernatural thrillers. She also happens to fight the forces of evil on the side; Debbie is a demonologist and has performed exorcists on people and structures to help rid them of demons and evil.

We talk about her past exorcisms, what a demonologist is, the training and certification you need to perform exorcism, how to know you're being oppressed by dark forces, the play that religion has and so much more. A very fascinating discussion that should be intriguing for almost anyone, and can get creepy at times. Debbie even discusses her history with demons and some of the physical trauma she's suffered from them.

You can find Debbie's books by going here and find out more about her, her writing and other information at www.debbieviguie.com. Make sure to get social with her on Facebook and Twitter and listen to the episode here!