Jeff Rasley - Lawyer Turned Philanthropist

Jeff Rasley left a successful law practice as founder/senior partner after 30 years to pursue a life in nonprofit endeavors. After a mid-life crisis trip to climb Mount Everest, Jeff found himself attached to the people of the Basa Village. Basa is a beautiful little village in the Nepal Himalaya Mountains inhabited by the Rai people with their own unique culture. Prior to 2007 the villagers lived similar to the way people lived during the Middle Ages with no running water, electricity, toilet system or stoves. In Basa there are no vehicles with wheels, not even wheel barrows or bicycles. Cooking and heating were done in open fire pits in the center of the house, which has caused cataracts and pulmonary disease. Together with village leaders Jeff and the Basa Village Foundation have tried to do infra-structure development work with extreme sensitivity to the unique village culture.

Jeff joins the show to talk about his background in law, trekking Everest, the disastrous earthquake in Nepal and so much more! You can listen by clicking here. Two of his books we talked about are Bringing Progress to Paradise; What I Got from Giving to a Himalayan Village and Godless -- Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs. Find out more about Jeff Rasley and his other works at and follow him on social media and @JeffRasley.

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